Christmas By The Hearth  (€10 + €3  Postage and Packaging)


1. PoughKeepsie (Broderick/Broderick/Keane) 4.26

2. Christmas By The Hearth (Broderick/Broderick/Keane) 3.45

3. Stay A While (Broderick/Broderick/Keane) 4.22

4. Like The First Time It’s Christmas Time (Sands) featuring Dolores Keane 3.59

5. Ave Maria (Drench/Erisken/Knowles) 3.34

6. Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem (Phipps) 3.36

7. Oh Holy Night (Trad. arrangement Keane) 5.12

8. What Child Is This? (Trad. arrangement Keane) 2.37

9. Silent Night (Trad. arrangement Keane) 2.46

10. The Mountains of Pomeroy (Trad. arrangement Keane) 2.55


Seán Keane: vocals, backing vocals, whistles, flute

Fergal Scahill: mandolin, fiddle, viola, guitar

Úna NicLochlain: backing vocals, violin

Stephen Doherty: keyboards

Dave Mongan: piano

Pat Coyne: guitar, backing vocals

Johnny Varley: percussion

Jim Higgins: percussion

Christmas by the Hearth