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Seán Keane
Song Contest 2024


Are you a budding songwriter? Do you enjoy word play? Perhaps you have a love of poetry well this may be the competition for you. This year we are embarking on a new project. Over many years as an artist and performer I have been sent hundreds of songs, videos, words & poetry and as is the way with art it is rare the song that hits me in the heart directly, many can be slow burners and take time to get under the skin. Some I may love instantly but could take years to find an audience. And many's a glorious battle I've had with the main man himself Johnny B over lyrics and songs! Well between all the songs we receive, between those that make an impact and those that could be before their time but lost under the weight of many more, we thought a song contest might just be a way of giving everyone a fair chance while also raising some money for the good cause that is Safe Home Ireland.


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