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Seán Keane, The Return Tour

19 November 2021

Kilmovee Community Centre

Kilmovee, Co. Mayo, Ireland


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“There is a simple lucid clarity to Seán Keane’s singing voice which – like a laser – cuts through the cacophonous clatter and bang of a noisy world.  He is a storyteller, whose voice is the sound of everyman; as ancient history [simultaneously] as vital as a digital radio signal, winging its way across the heaven in search of new civilisations. Sometimes he can sound as lonely as an emigrant standing on the prow of a ship taking him away from his native homeland and more times he can sound like a cyber survivor, full of strength and valour that provides comfort to those who battle unequally with the hostile emotional landscape of the modern world. Seán  Keane is a touchstone of great signing tradition. He is the past, the present and the future.” Shay Healy, songwriter, broadcaster and journalist