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“There is a simple lucid clarity to Seán Keane’s singing voice which – like a laser – cuts through the cacophonous clatter and bang of a noisy world.  He is a storyteller, whose voice is the sound of everyman; as ancient history [simultaneously] as vital as a digital radio signal, winging its way across the heaven in search of new civilisations. Sometimes he can sound as lonely as an emigrant standing on the prow of a ship taking him away from his native homeland and more times he can sound like a cyber survivor, full of strength and valour that provides comfort to those who battle unequally with the hostile emotional landscape of the modern world. Seán  Keane is a touchstone of great singing tradition. He is the past, the present and the future.” Shay Healy, songwriter, broadcaster and journalist.

Safe Home Ireland Ambassador

In late 2020 Seán also became an ambassador to Safe Home Ireland. Safe Home Ireland is an Irish emigrant support service that provides a range of services from advice, information, to outreach and housing services to more than 2000 people each year.

It is Seán's music which is deeply rooted in tradition and a sense of home, as well as his global fanbase and connection to the Irish diaspora which drew the attention of those at Safe Home Ireland considering him a great fit to become an ambassador for Safe Home Ireland. For more information on their great work just follow the link below:

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In Dreams is available on Apple Music.  To Download Just Follow the Link Below:

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